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Monday December 15, 2008 5:14 pm

Will Smith: Sequels Soon?

Will SmithPerez Hilton is reporting that fans will enjoy a few follow-ups to his former hits. In recent years, the actor has turned into one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars - and his resume can prove it. The leading man has rarely been out of theaters for more than a few weeks at a time, appearing in dramas, comedies, even action flicks without pause.

But which of his former hits is true sequel material?

According to Hilton, Hancock and I Am Legend will both make a triumphant return to the theaters for new installments to the tales. A source quoted as being an “insider” says that Smith is already locked in for another superhero tale in Hancock, but still hasn’t signed on to the project.

As to , the new movie which actually be a prequel that shows “the fall of the last great American city.” One can only assume he means New York, the setting of the first flick.

All of this isn’t completely unfounded rumor, either. Smith’s rep has confirmed at least this much: “there have been talks about both of these projects.”

Which means we can expect new Smith sequels sometime in 2010.

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I dont know if I really have a favorite celebrity, I just go by how good the movie is myself. You can have a most famous actor in a movie and if the storyline sucks then the movie will to. I guess if I have to choose I will go with you and say Will Smith to, I watched fresh prince of bel air when it first came on tv, and it was funny. I have seen a few movies that he has played in and liked them all, I havent seen I am legend yet but I am planning on it.

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