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Tuesday February 12, 2008 5:30 pm

The Most Racially Important Films

In the Heat of the NightTo celebrate Black History Month, Time magazine has named what it believes to be ‘The 25 Most Important Films on Race.’

In making these selections, the magazine hopes to “honor the artistry, appeal and determination of African Americans on and behind the screen.”

Some choices were predictable (Gone with the Wind, In the Heat of the Night), some were surprising (Bamboozled, I Am Legend), while others were left off altogether (Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?, Glory).

To get detailed summaries on the movies - and the reasons behind Time’s selections - click here.

In the meantime, you can find a list of the titles (in reverse chronological order) after the jump.

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  • I Am Legend (2007)
  • Madea’s Family Reunion (2002)
  • Bamboozled (2000)
  • Eve’s Bayou (1997)
  • Boyz N the Hood (1991)
  • Do the Right Thing (1989)
  • A Soldier’s Story (1984)
  • Richard Pryor Live in Concert (1979)
  • Killer of Sheep (1977)
  • Cooley High (1975)
  • Lady Sings the Blues (1972)
  • Sweet Sweetback’s Baad Asssss Song (1971)
  • In the Heat of the Night (1967)
  • The Defiant Ones (1958)
  • Carmen Jones (1954)
  • Native Story (1951)
  • The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)
  • The Blood of Jesus (1941)
  • Gone with the Wind (1939)
  • The Duke is Tops (1938)
  • God’s Step Children (1938)
  • Imitation of Life (1934)
  • Judge Priest (1934)
  • Hallelujah! (1929)
  • Body and Soul (1925)



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