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Wednesday May 22, 2013 2:45 am

‘The Internship’: A Watered Down ‘Wedding Crashers,’ Mostly Bores

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in 'The Internship'

The Internship is one of those comedies you keep hoping will be better but deep down in your heart you knew all along that it was really just a quick cash grab.

At least that's what I felt while sitting through the latest Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugh vehicle where they try to revive their struggling careers by taking on internships at of all places, Google. The central characters are mid 40's and after being fired from a sales company that has gone belly up, they embark on a trip to California to take internships at Google, the internet search king.  Running gags ensue and much of the slang the kids use is meant to be seen as over the heads of Wilson and Vaughn. Almost all of the slang used by the young co-stars is very popular and the look of bewilderment on their faces would lead one to believe that the two actors were portraying characters in their 70's rather than 40's. This running gag gets old pretty quickly.

The premise is simple and there isn't much here in the way of surprises. The formula has been used over and over again: two losers down on their luck, lose their girlfirend(s) and sense of direction only to be reinvigorated by the promise of a new opportunity that seemingly does not fit their needs but will (always does) lead to comical situations that the writers can then milk for laughs repeatedly.

The film is not without it's high points though. Wilson and Vaugh are a lot of fun to watch on screen together despite the material being less than desirable. The pair manage to make the movie enjoyable, especially during the second half of the film where the focus of the story shifts back to the friendship between the two friends.

The supporting cast is given way too much to do early on, and to say the least, deliver cringe-worthy lines for most of the film.

The Internship hits theaters June 7.

Final Grade: C-



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