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Monday February 26, 2007 1:41 pm

Spider-Man 3 Adds New Villains to the Web

Spiderman 3Sony Pictures will release the third installment to the Spidey saga May 4, 2007, much to the delight of eager fans. The blockbuster status and success of the first two films promises another big bang for Spider-Man creator Stan Lee, director Sam Raimi, and leading man Tobey Maguire. Cast and crew from the previous movies will be reunited for more gravity-defying movie magic, though some new high-profile names have been added to the cast. Kirsten Dunst will again shine onscreen as Mary Jane, along with other favorite characters (including Spidey’s friend-turned-nemesis, Harry) fans have come to crave. In Spider-Man 3, Marvel’s hero will have to battle his greatest opponent yet – himself.

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If your superhero suit started to change in strange, new ways, becoming better and better, would you still wear it? Peter Parker will in Spider-Man 3, opening the door for intense, threatening personality changes. Though Peter Parker finally has everything he wants in this third movie – M.J., his hero-savior status, promising new career opportunities – the dark and vengeful side of his nature will not be repressed. As the suit begins to transform and change, so will the Peter/Spidey that everyone loves. It will be a moodier, darker, more self-absorbed Peter Parker that fans see when they watch Spider-Man 3.

Before he can overcome newcomer villains Sandman and Venom, Spidey will have to battle himself for control over his own emotions. The long-anticipated debut of Venom will be harshly judged by fans, but early rumors suggest that Topher Grace (That 70s Show, In Good Company) will shine in his dual role as Venom/Eddie Brock. Thomas Haden Church (Sideways, Spanglish) has signed on for the role of Sandman/Flint Marko. Bryce Dallas Howard, another newcomer to the cast, first gained noticed in M. Night Shyamalan movies The Village and Lady in the Water. The young, theatre-trained actress will play the role of Gwen Stacy in her first big blockbuster.

Will Spider-Man be able to overcome his own arrogant self-confidence and inner demons, or will evil prevail in New York City? May 4th will reveal the answer, when Spider-Man 3 finally comes to movie theatres.



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