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Sunday March 17, 2013 1:11 pm

‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’ Produces Laughs, Provokes Reflection

Nick Offerman and Keith Poulson in 'Somebody Up There Likes Me'

If you're a fan of Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman and the quirky and often dry humor the series offers, you will enjoy Offerman's latest film endeavor, Somebody Up There Likes Me.

Written and directed by Bob Byington (Harmony and Me) with Offerman producing, Somebody Up There Likes Me delivers in plenty of laughs while holding up a mirror to the perpetual disaffected teens of today. The film follows Max (Keith Poulson) - an indifferent waiter at a steakhouse whose only friend is the delightfully sardonic Sal (Offerman) - whose life is a kiddie rollercoaster of troubled relationships coupled with a general lack of interest in life.

Nearly every shot and scene in the film promises a laugh, but overall it will leave many wondering about the magical suitcase Max possesses - which glows (à la Pulp Fiction) and releases animated stars - and whether or not it is the reason his Dorian Gray-esque character never ages. The humor may be a little too dry for some (Offerman pointed out its European-ness at a recent Los Angeles Q&A following a screening of the movie), but the scene in which Sal becomes aggravated with the first customer of his and Max's pizza and ice cream stand is sure to win most viewers over.

Despite its comedic veneer, the film's heart lies in the discussion of life it raises. We all dream of remaining young forever, but at what cost of your actual life does it take?

If you reside in the Los Angeles area, the Silent Movie Theatre - run by the non-profit organization Cinefamily - is hosting a couple screenings for the film tonight (3/17), followed by a Q&A session with Offerman and writer-director Bob Byington with guest moderators Zach Galifianakis and Megan Mullally (who has a small part in the movie). You can purchase tickets through Cinefamily.org.

Otherwise, the film is playing in select theaters now.



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