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Tuesday September 22, 2009 1:05 pm

Sequel News: Sherlock Holmes, Silent Hill and More

Sherlock Holmes: Are you looking forward to seeing Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in Sherlock Holmes? Are you already convinced the movie deserves a sequel? Although we still have to wait until Christmas to unwrap the Guy Ritchie film, Warner Bros. is already prepping for a follow-up…and word has it, Brad Pitt may be involved. Writers Kieran and Michele Mulroney (Justice League: Mortal) will most likely be tasked with writing the second installment, which may feature the Inglourious Basterds star as Moriarty, Holmes’ nemesis. (Rumor has it Pitt even makes an appearance in December’s outing.) No other names have yet been attached to the project.

Hancock: Columbia Pictures has just added a little more muscle to the already-announced Hancock sequel. Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman are now also on board the second outing. Fans will see Theron, who is still weak around Will Smith’s presence, team up with the reluctant superhero to fight a third entity. The film will also delve into the background of their stories. No release date has been announced the Peter Berg-directed flick.

Silent Hill: Creepy towns will always attract new visitors. Screenwriter Roger Avary and producer are planning a return to Silent Hill, an adaptation of a Konami video game. In the 2006 entry, a mother travels to Silent Hill in hopes of helping her sleepwalking daughter. Unfortunately, creatures and darkness await. A director has not yet been attached.

Indiana Jones: While attending the Deauville Film Festival, Harrison Ford repeated what Shia LaBeouf has already announced: there will be a fifth Indy movie. “The story for the new Indiana Jones is in the process of taking form,” Ford explained. “Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work. If the script is good, I’ll be very happy to put the costume on again.” It’s unclear when this movie might come out. A rep for Spielberg says nothing has been written at this point.



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