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Thursday October 11, 2007 11:34 pm

Marvel’s ‘Thor’ Script Gets Thumbs Up

Mighty ThorComic book fans rejoice! The long-dreamt-of big-screen debut of Marvel’s Thor has just gotten one step closer to becoming a reality. As reported by The Guardian, director (Layer Cake) and screenwriter Mark Protosevich have just finished the script for the mighty hammer-wielder’s movie this past week. In ever better news, Vaughn says has already approved it. They did, however, have one tiny issue:

“My phone has just rung. Marvel loves the script. The only problem is that it has been costed at $300m and they ask how I am going to reduce it by $150m. I think I prefer being asked what it’s like working with De Niro.”

One hurdle cleared – another $150 million hurdle to go.

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