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Saturday October 13, 2012 5:46 pm

Les Miserables Posters Unveiled

Anne Hathaway in 'Les Miserables'

Tom Hooper's film adaptation of the beloved musical Les Misérables comes out Christmas Day, and Universal has just shelled out the posters for the film, offering us a first look at Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfriend, Russell Crowe, and Hugh Jackman in character.

Everyone brings their A-game, Oscar-worthy, intense expressions while newcomer Isabelle Allen does her own impression of the musical's classic poster. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump!

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Russell Crowe in 'Les Miserables'

Amanda Seyfried in 'Les Miserables'

Hugh Jackman in 'Les Miserables'

Isabelle Allen in 'Les Miserables'



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