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Tuesday November 10, 2009 1:09 pm

Inglourious Basterds Prequel Possibly in the Works

Inglourious Basterds posterWith one of the world’s most vied-for actors at your command and scoring an impressive $38 million at the box office, it’s nearly impractical for Quentin Tarantino to not pursue another Inglourious Basterds film.

According to Eli Roth, the chances are pretty good.

“Everybody would drop whatever they’re doing to go back to work with Quentin… All the time, Brad says, ‘Prequel, prequel!’ All the ‘basterds’ would jump on it in a second. We have three scenes that we shot in Boston that take place before the war, and Quentin says if he does the prequel, he’s going to use them. They’re not going to be DVD extras.”

Without spilling too many secrets, Roth briefly describes one of the scenes, which features a rather random cameo…

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“There’s a great scene with me and Cloris Leachman,” Roth adds. “I go and get her to sign the bat. It’s me and the little old Jewish ladies of the neighborhood,” Roth revealed.

So if they’ve already started and have the OK with Pitt, what’s the hold-up? Well, apparently Tarantino’s perfectionism is getting in the way.

“He has most of it written, so now it’s just a matter of figuring the whole thing out. Quentin’s standards are so high that he won’t do it unless he feels like he can do it better than the first one.”

I’m sure that with a push from Bob and Harvey Weinstein, whose company was probably saved due to the film, Tarantino won’t have a problem pursuing the project.



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