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Wednesday June 4, 2008 8:12 pm

In Theaters This Weekend: June 6, 2008

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Here are some possible suggestions for your upcoming weekend:

  • Kung Fu Panda (PG): starring Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Jackie Chan (directed by Mark Osborne, John Stevenson)
  • You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (PG-13): starring Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Emmanuelle Chriqui (directed by Dennis Dugan)
  • The Go-Getter* (R): starring Lou Taylor Pucci, Zooey Deschanel, Jena Malone (directed by Martin Hynes)
  • Mister Foe* (R): starring Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Claire Forlani (directed by David MacKenzie)
  • Miss Conception* (R): starring Heather Graham, Tom Ellis, Mia Kirshner (directed by Eric Styles)
  • Mongol* (R): starring Tadanobu Asano, Sun Honglei, Khulan Chuluun (directed by Sergei Bodrov)
  • Mother of Tears* (R): starring Asia Argento, Daria Nicolodi, Udo Kier (directed by Dario Argento)
  • The Promotion* (R): starring Seann William Scott, John C. Reilly, Jenna Fischer (directed by Steve Conrad)
  • Take Out* (NR): starring Charles Jang, Jeng-Hua Yua, Wang-Thye Lee (directed by Shih-Ching Tsou, Sean Baker)
  • When Did You Last See Your Father?* (PG-13): starring Jim Broadbent, Colin Firth, Juliet Stevenson (directed by Anand Tucker)

*limited and/or gradual release



I just watched <i>You Don’t Mess With the Zohan</i>, and I surprisingly loved it! I had no idea that Apatow wrote the script, either. But it was way better than what I had thought it was going to be. XD

Hey I heard about kung fu panda when i went to attend my 2nd round of interview with ea mobiles as a tester, they gave me a motorola cell phone in which kung-fu panda was installed, and asked me to find bugs in the game,
i found the bugs and got selected for the third round, but i could not make it to 4th round.


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