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Friday October 12, 2007 12:15 am

Cruise’s ‘Valkyrie’ Suffers (Another) Setback

Tom Cruise in Valkyrie World War II thriller has suffered yet another in a long line of setbacks while filming in Germany. Apparently, a batch of nighttime footage shot a couple weeks ago has been deemed unusable after the negatives were developed in the wrong chemicals. Adding insult to injury, the footage was shot at the German Defense Ministry which had resisted granting Cruise (who executive produces) permission to shoot in the first place. The Ministry houses the spot where Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (played by Cruise) and his conspirators plotted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The footage will need to be re-shot, and the Ministry has already granted re-entry.

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This is not the first mishap to befall the Valkyrie production. As mentioned before, Cruise had difficulty securing permission to film at the Ministry. Even after receiving permission, rumors began surfacing that Defense Minister Franz-Josef Jung would still not grant Cruise access due to his belief in Scientology which Germany, to say the least, frowns upon. And just last month, 11 extras were injured in Berlin when they fell out of a truck.

And Americans thought it was difficult to invade Germany the first time!



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