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Friday March 2, 2007 2:32 pm

Brangelina Clan Keeps Expanding

BrangelinaThough the reps for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have not yet confirmed the news, Vietnamese officials have stated that Jolie has filed papers towards adopting a child from their country. Though Jolie filed her status as a single parent, it’s no secret that Brad has been on hand to help care for all their children: Cambodian-born Maddox (5), Ethiopian-born Zahara (2), their biological daughter Shiloh (10 months), and will no doubt take an active role in the upbringing of the new baby. The couple has been very vocal about their plans to continue expanding their clan, and they certainly aren’t wasting any time, either.  Jolie has commented that they want to continue to add to the mixed-race family, and will possibly look again to Africa the next time they decide to adopt.

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Forum Discussion

I admit to having a healthy interest in most celebrity news and yes I got all caught up in the Angelina/Brad family saga. Congratulations to them both for having their baby. I am sure when she grows up she will be a bombshell. As for Angelina and Brad I hope they can make it work because the lifespan of a typical Hollywood hook-up these days seems to be about 3-10 years.

congratulations to them. but i see we have another strange celebrity baby name. does it have a special meaning or anything?

Well I either dreamt this or maybe heard it on tv. I was very tired, keep in mind. Nouvel means new in French but it's in the masculine form. I know that for sure. Now here comes the part I either dreamt about or heardon tv. Shiloh is from the bible and has something to do with angel, doing good. Something like that.

i think i found out, the baby's name means new messiah - the baby has a lot to live up to!!

I cant help but feel sorry for the kid already!! Blimey that didnt take them too long a time either did it?

But really think about it...if that kid ever gets teased at school, he can always mention the fact that his mom is Angelina Jolie and that his dad is Brad Pitt, really that should probably shut them all up :)

Well the pics are out and congratulations on angie and brad on a beautiful baby girl. Hope maddox and zahara get along with her. but maybe not. I do hope angie and brad work out because angie deserves to be happy and the children have become attached to him.

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