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Monday May 10, 2010 10:13 pm

Box Office Breakdown: Iron Man 2 Soars High Above the Competition

Iron Man 2

Only one movie earned over $10 million over this weekend…and only movie scored over $125 million as well.

Iron Man 2 - with help from Mickey Rourke’s powerful weapons - whipped up $128.1 million over the past three days, giving Paramount its biggest open in history. The sequel, which was produced for approximately $170 million, easily improved upon Iron Man‘s $98.6 million premiere in 2008 and nabbed the fifth-largest debut of all time. (The Dark Knight still tops that leader board with its $158.4 million outing.)

Focus Features’ also made news of its own despite coming nowhere near Iron Man 2‘s numbers. The documentary, which was only released in 534 theaters, delivered $2.2 million and a ninth-place finish over the Mother’s Day weekend.

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  1. Iron Man 2, Paramount, $128,122,480 (avg. $29,252)
  2. Nightmare on Elm Street, Warner Bros., $9,119,389 (avg. $2737)
  3. How to Train Your Dragon, Dreamworks, $6,680,374 (avg. $2225)
  4. Date Night, 20th Century Fox, $5,448,257 (avg. $1993)
  5. The Back-Up Plan, CBS Films, $5,033,471 (avg. $1676)
  6. Furry Vengeance, Summit Entertainment, $4,478,107 (avg. $1492)
  7. Clash of the Titans, Warner Bros., $2,503,251 (avg. $1161)
  8. Death at a Funeral, Sony Screen Gems, $2,308,743 (avg. $1353)
  9. Babies, Focus Features, $2,160,460 (avg. $4046)
  10. The Losers, Warner Bros., $1,847,290 (avg. $754)

(You can review last week’s numbers here.)



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