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Monday July 28, 2008 4:44 pm

Box Office Breakdown: The Dark Knight Hits $300 Million

The Dark Knight

Despite the combined forces of Ferrell/Reilly and Duchovny/Anderson, Team Bale/Ledger could not be slowed down.

This past week, added a few more records to the franchise’s box office mantle:

  • The film became the fastest movie ever to surpass the $300 million mark. (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest crossed that line in 16 days; Knight did it in 10.)
  • The sequel is now predicted to break $400 million in approximately 18 days. Shrek 2 took 43 days to the same in 2004.
  • IMAX theaters also continue to benefit from the blockbuster’s success. Another $4.6 million was grossed over the weekend.
  • It’s now believed the latest Batman installment could soar to $500 million - making it only the second movie to do so. Domestically, ($601 million) still reigns as the box office champ. (The original Star Wars pocketed $461 million while Shrek 2 earned $436 million.)

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In other movie news, Step Brothers did surprisingly well despite the stiff competition. The comedy took in $30 million giving his third best open (behind Talledega Nights and Blades of Glory). Meanwhile, The X-Files: I Want to Believe didn’t find many wanting to reminisce. The sequel - which cost $35 million to produce - pulled in only $10.2 million over the past three days.

  1. The Dark Knight, Warner Bros., $75,166,466 (avg. $17,216)
  2. Step Brothers, Sony, $30,940,732 (avg. $10,000)
  3. Mamma Mia!, Universal, $17,746,725 (avg. $5935)
  4. The X-Files: I Want to Believe, 20th Century Fox, $10,021,753 (avg. $3147)
  5. Journey to the Center of the Earth, Warner Bros., $9,717,217 (avg. $3615)
  6. Hancock, Sony, $8,311,123 (avg. $2512)
  7. Wall-E, Disney, $6,422,186 (avg. $2110)
  8. Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Universal, $5,100,305 (avg. $1690)
  9. Space Chimps, 20th Century Fox, $4,536,838 (avg. $1788)
  10. Wanted, Universal, $2,738,550 (avg. $1561)

(You can review last week’s numbers here.)



I want The Dark Knight to beat Titanic so badly. XD


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