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Monday May 14, 2007 9:39 pm

Box Office Breakdown:  Rabid Zombies Barely Get A Bite

28 Weeks Later

Compared to it’s record-breaking debut ($150 million), Spider-Man 3‘s recent weekend take ($58 million) may seem like a dramatic fall.  But when your worst is still six times higher than your closest competitor’s best, who cares??

The biggest surprise this week?  Not the ho-hum performances of 28 Weeks Later or Georgia Rule.  After weeks and weeks in the Top 10, Blades of Glory and Are We Done Yet? have finally left the building!

1. Spider-Man 3, Sony, $58,166,256
2. 28 Weeks Later, Fox Atomic, $9,807,292
3. Georgia Rule, Universal, $6,773,870
4. Disturbia, Paramount, $4,732,839
5. Delta Farce, Lionsgate, $3,420,645
6. Fracture, New Line, $2,953,145
7. The Invisible, Disney, $2,315,286
8. Meet the Robinsons, Disney, $1,802,543
9. Next, Paramount, $1,738,056
10. Hot Fuzz, Focus, $1,716,670



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