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Monday July 12, 2010 10:26 pm

Box Office Breakdown: Despicable Weekend for Eclipse

Despicable Me

It looks like Steve Carell will do just fine when he finally leaves Dunder Mifflin.

Neither vampires nor predators could keep Gru (Carell) and his minions from ruling the box office this weekend. - also featuring the voices of Miranda Cosgrove, Jason Segel and Russell Brand - overcame it’s title and delighted audiences to the tune of $56.4 million. Universal’s feature earned nearly enough to cover the film’s production cost ($69 million) and more than enough to push last week’s champ, Eclipse, down to second place.

Meanwhile, Fox’s , set its laser sights on the alien creature lovers out there. The sci-fi thriller, starring Adrien Brody and Topher Grace, fired up $24.8 million in ticket sales and a third place finish.

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  1. Despicable Me, Universal, $56,397,125 (avg. $16,225)
  2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Summit Entertainment, $31,708,438 (avg. $7097)
  3. Predators, 20th Century Fox, $24,760,882 (avg. $9277)
  4. Toy Story 3, Disney, $21,015,958 (avg. $5600)
  5. The Last Airbender, Paramount, $16,635,471 (avg. $5194)
  6. Grown Ups, Sony, $15,806,738 (avg. $4564)
  7. Knight and Day, 20th Century Fox, $7,719,251 (avg. $2937)
  8. The Karate Kid, Sony, $5,365,636 (avg. $2183)
  9. The A-Team, 20th Century Fox, $1,752,421 (avg. $1418)
  10. Cyrus, Fox Searchlight, $1,280,470 (avg. $6402)

(You can review last week’s numbers here.)



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