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Monday March 26, 2007 11:38 pm

Box Office Breakdown: Cowabunga!


And Xerses thought 300 warriors looked pathetic.  Apparently a handful of shells was all it took to take down that clump of shielded warriors.  The latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles offering, TMNT, took the top spot away this weekend from powerhouse 300.

Also of note—two movies starring a Wahlberg opened up this week:  Shooter with Mark and Dead Silence with Donnie.  While neither movie did spectacular, both movies managed to crack the Top 10.  Here’s the breakdown for the rest of the contenders:

1. TMNT, Warner Bros., $24,255,205
2. 300, Warner Bros., $19,862,491
3. Shooter, Paramount, $14,523,571
4. Wild Hogs, Disney, $13,850,542
5. The Last Mimzy, New Line, $10,024,819
6. The Hills Have Eyes II, Fox Atomic, $9,686,362
7. Premonition, Sony, $9,562,739
8. Reign Over Me, Sony, $7,460,690
9. Pride, Lionsgate, $3,533,300
10. Dead Silence, Universal, $3,440,415



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