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Monday March 12, 2007 11:43 pm

Box Office Breakdown: 300 Tears It Up


Ghost Rider and Wild Hogs step aside.  Throngs of men in need of a testosterone-laden movie were apparently craving more than just motorcycles.  According to the latest box office numbers, what they really needed were swords.  And blood.  And Spartan women. 

Trapped inside a crowded theater this weekend, I knew 300 would be successful.  But who could have guessed it would be this big??  The latest movie to be based on a Frank Miller graphic novel raked in nearly $71 million.  That’s the largest opening for a movie in March…ever.  Additionally, it was the 3rd largest opening for an ‘R’ rated movie (right behind The Matrix Reloaded and The Passion of the Christ).

Here’s a look at how the rest of the contenders fared this weekend:

1. 300, Warner Bros., $70,885,301
2. Wild Hogs, Disney, $27,601,291
3. Bridge to Terabithia, Disney, $6,779,315
4. Ghost Rider, Sony, $6,670,463
5. Zodiac, Paramount, $6,641,870
6. Norbit, Paramount, $4,278,099
7. The Number 23, New Line, $4,082,292
8. Music & Lyrics, Warner Bros., $3,744,084
9. Breach, Universal, $2,505,640
10. Amazing Grace, Samuel Goldywn/Roadside, $2,478,036



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