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Tuesday April 21, 2009 1:13 am

Box Office Breakdown: 17 is the Lucky Number

17 Again

may be cute, but he’s no Hannah Montana.

This weekend the Disney veteran got a chance to prove his worth in his first starring role. And though he managed to hit #1, Efron pulled in approximately $8.6 million less than Miley Cyrus did last week. The premiere of 17 Again also opened to $18.3 million less than High School Musical 3 did last October. (Then again, those two family-friendly films were a bit more accessible with their G-ratings.)

Russell Crowe, in the meantime, had far much more to groan about. The Oscar winner found his new movie, , sandwiched in between the two tween idols. The thriller, costarring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams, earned nearly $10 million less than the age-reversal comedy for a second place finish.

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  1. 17 Again, Warner Bros., $23,722,310 (avg. $7288)
  2. State of Play, Universal, $14,071,280 (avg. $5020)
  3. Hannah Montana: The Movie, Disney, $13,406,217 (avg. $4300)
  4. Monsters vs. Aliens, Dreamworks, $13,240,233 (avg. $3616)
  5. Fast & Furious, Universal, $11,774,715 (avg. $3205)
  6. Crank: High Voltage, Lionsgate, $6,963,565 (avg. $3133)
  7. Observe and Report, Warner Bros., $4,174,939 (avg. $1531)
  8. Knowing, Summit, $3,574,727 (avg. $1486)
  9. I Love You, Man, Paramount, $3,327,668 (avg. $1511)
  10. The Haunting in Connecticut, Lionsgate, $3,114,892 (avg. $1381)

(You can review last week’s numbers here.)



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