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Monday July 30, 2007 7:51 pm

Box Office Breakdown:  A Homerun For Homer

The Simpsons

Looks like Homer ain’t gonna be needing a deal on donuts anymore….

With a $74 million opening weekend, The Simpsons Movie debuted higher than most of the animated features released…ever.  Only the two Shrek sequels did better.  Quite a head-shaking number since we can still see the series for free on television.  But viewers from every single Springfield in the US—plus a thousand other cities out there—love the family so much, they were willing to pay for more.  Especially when it comes with nudity.

What theatergoers aren’t willing to pay for is more I Know Who Killed Me placed a dismal 9th, possibly due to lack of promotional work by the star.  How ironic that in the end it was Lindsay who was responsible for killing the movie and possibly her career.

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1. The Simpsons Movie, Fox, $74,036,787
2. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Universal, $19,132,965
3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Warner Bros, $17,733,085
4. Hairspray, New Line, Hairspray $15,899,890
5. No Reservations, Warner Bros., $11,704,357
6. Transformers, Paramount, $11,643,129
7. Ratatouille, Disney, $7,455,594
8. Live Free or Die Hard, Fox, $5,618,728
9. I Know Who Killed Me, Sony/Tristar, $3,506,291
10. Who’s Your Caddy?, MGM, $2,756,661



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