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Tuesday December 11, 2007 5:36 pm

‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ Gets CGI Treatment

Alvin and the ChipmunksI still remember Saturday mornings watching , the cartoon, on TV. I even remember the special show the series did about the Berlin Wall – truly heady stuff for a show designed only for children. Every year around this time, you’ll hear their Christmas tune on the radio. Now, someone has taken the bold step to answer the question which plagues my generation: does Alvin still want a hula-hoop?

Okay, that’s not really the burning question. A better question would be, what madman thought a live-action version of the chipmunks would work? And WHY? But like it or not, the live-action version of is indeed coming to theaters, and as soon as December 14. What can fans expect from this barely-publicized flick?

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They started out as a musical group, realizing their most famous hit in 1958. The high-pitched, squeaky little voices were achieved by adjusting tape speed, creating a sound that would span several generations. By virtue of the new movie, the chipmunks will be re-introduced to a whole new generation. If the film was to be strictly animated, I would be on board. But…it’s not.

In this live-action film version, father figure Dave Seville will be played by , who might’ve enjoyed a huge movie career if he’d made some better script decisions. Seville is a songwriter looking for a hit, which he finds when he discovers the CGI chipmunks he’s taken in can sing. The Christmas Song is born again and the foursome find fame. But there is a lesson to be had in all of this, of course, and they also discover the perils and pitfalls of getting exactly what they want. In short, a light-hearted holiday event meant to delight children and perhaps even win back the hearts of a few adults who remember the cartoon.

CGI chipmunks and Jason Lee. Hollywood will make us sit through anything.


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