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Monday March 3, 2008 10:15 pm

Box Office Breakdown: Semi-Pro Scores the Win


What comes up, must eventually come down.  That goes for ‘s sports career as well.

Even though netted this weekend’s #1 spot, the basketball flick earned a measly $15 million.  That gross trails far behind 2006’s Talledega Nights ($47 million) and 2007’s ($33 million).  Sadly, Semi‘s debut also takes a backseat to Kicking and Screaming and Bewitched.  (In Ferrell’s defense, this movie was the only one of his sports films to be rated R.)

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Although it only debuted in fourth place, Sony’s was actually the Top 10’s best performer.  The period drama, starring Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, earned $7035 per screen.  (Semi raked in $4830 per theater.)  Meanwhile, a movie far outside the public eye was actually this week’s top dog.  The Counterfeiters, a true story about a large Nazi counterfeiting operation, averaged an impressive $10,295.  (The film ranked 36th.)

As expected, recent Academy Award-winner, , got a nice boost thanks to the extra publicity.  The Coen brothers film, which was last in 12th, moved up four spots and reentered the Top Ten.  Its presence helped push previous fan fave, Juno, down to 11th place.

1. Semi-Pro, New Line, $15,075,114 (avg. $4830)
2. Vantage Point, Sony, $12,819,245 (avg. $4070)
3. The Spiderwick Chronicles, Paramount, $8,700,378 (avg. $2831)
4. The Other Boleyn Girl, Sony, $8,203,061 (avg. $7035)
5. Jumper, 20th Century Fox, $7,568,462 (avg. $2420)
6. Step Up 2 the Streets, Disney, $5,742,479 (avg. $2272)
7. Fool’s Gold, Warner Bros., $4,418,229 (avg. $1553)
8. No Country for Old Men, Miramax, $4,114,994 (avg. $2020)
9. Penelope, Summit Entertainment, $3,802,144 (avg. $3179)
10. Definitely, Maybe, Universal, $3,382,005 (avg. $1545)

(You can review last week’s charts here.)



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