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Monday December 4, 2006 6:09 pm

Lohan Joins Alcoholics Anonymous

Lohan Wink
Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) has begun attending A.A. meetings, according to her publicist.  The twenty-year-old actress has been portrayed in recent years as a wreck, partying irresponsibly and brazenly feuding with other celebrity divas like Hillary Duff and Paris Hilton.  Her controversy recently culminated with an allegedly inebriated, Blackberry-mashed email to family members of the late director Robert Altman, with whom she recently worked on A Prairie Home Companion.  The email expressed her condolences amid many misspellings and grammatical errors, now thoroughly ridiculed by the press.

Publicist Leslie Sloan said Friday that Lohan made the decision on her own to attend A.A., but doesn’t want people to think “she’ll stop drinking tomorrow.”  Sloan went on to say, “I want everyone to leave her the hell alone.  I’m so bored of this with her.  No matter what she does, it’s never good enough for everybody.”

At FilmCrunch, we completely disagree – Lohan receives exactly as much criticism as she deserves, including that which surrounds her films and performances.  She may have had good intentions when writing Altman’s family, but a letter like that should be carefully considered – spelling and grammar thoroughly checked – before it’s sent, especially when living under constant public scrutiny.  The reason she’s “never good enough” is that her life revolves solely around heavy drinking, all-night partying, shopping, and film performances that are consistently unchallenging and trite; this is not a life worthy of much respect.  However, Lohan is now attempting some self-improvement, that which could help to amend her damaged public image.  Will recent roles in A Prairie Home Companion and Bobby steer Lohan into more reputable cinema?  Could A.A. be the first step in her rebirth as an actor, role model, and overall contributor to society?  Maybe, but we’re pretty confident that she’ll fall back off the wagon, and when she does, the paparazzi will be there snapping pictures of her drunken, spoiled, panty-less crotch.

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