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Sunday January 7, 2007 1:59 am

Fourth Indiana Jones Film to Premiere in ‘08.

Indiana Jones Bridge
It’s the announcement moviegoers have been waiting for – the fourth ‘Indy’ installment is definitely coming, Harrison, George, and Steven will be in their respective roles, and it’s all happening in the near future.  Before now, the will was there, along with the talent, but no official statement had been made regarding the film.  The script, which spent over ten years in development, has finally been completed and greenlit by the mighty triumvirate and “is going to be the best one yet,” according to Lucas.  Ford and Spielberg have also expressed great joy and excitement about the project, claiming that fans should expect a story that delivers on the same level as the first three.

Although many of the film’s details remain under wraps – including the official title, locations, and plot – the hype and public extolment from the people who best know the series are enough to excite even the most doubtful of naysayers.  The fourth chapter in the series will begin shooting sometime later this year.  Look for any updates on casting, plot, or official release right here on FilmCrunch.

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