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Thursday August 30, 2007 4:26 pm

FilmCrunch 064: Blades of Glory Review

Veronica Santiago and Neil Estep take a look at Blades of Glory in this episode of FilmCrunch.

When the macho, swaggering Chazz Michael Michaels takes to the rink, he is the rock star of the arena, leaving a trail of thrashed ice and shrieking female fans in his wake. The only competitor who can match Michaels’ scores is the driven former child prodigy, Jimmy MacElroy. Spotted as a youth executing triple lutzes on the frozen pond of an orphanage, MacElroy was whisked away to days of endless training, and now stands as the picture of poise, the personification of the highest ideals of the men’s sport. Michaels and MacElroy have met in finals rounds before, but their latest head-to-head at the World Championships—when they tie for first—is more than either one can bear, and their longstanding rivalry erupts into a no-holds-barred fight. The ensuing brawl not only sets fire to the World Championship’s helpless mascot, but lands both athletes in hot water: Chazz and Jimmy are called before the sport’s governing board, stripped of their gold medals and banned from the sport for life. Now, three-and-a-half years later, both men are still trying to find their way in a world without competitive skating. To skate again, all Chazz and Jimmy have to do is set aside their long festering hatred of one another and join forces—as the first male/male figure skating pair to compete in the history of the sport.

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Forum Discussion

Its a good movie.......

Its a comedy sports movie.But i was not that much impressed

I really didnt like this one, I thought that it was kind of stupid. I didnt think it was as funny as they made it out to be. I couldnt even watch the whole thing I was so bored by it.

I watched this movie one Friday night with a bunch of friends when we were really bored... its definitely a movie I would not buy but I thought some parts of it were humorous... but not typically my taste in movies

Blades of glory is the most funniest movie tht i saw recently, the greatest jokes from the movie were from the climax, when they exchange their trick and various position that they do .

Well movie is quite irksome...few parts are hilarious but no fun like i have gone to PVR with something exciting view in my mind but movie won't lie on my views...

It was hit and miss for me. Will Arnet is great and Jenna Fischer is hot.

This movie is wonderful.

I watched this movie last Saturday with my friend.we don't like this.we were really very bored. I also not buy but I thought some parts of it were humorous. but not typically my taste in movies.

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