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Essential Mind Camp Info!

Looking for the quick info on Seattle Mind Camp, and what exactly it is? We’ve collected the most important information right here for you:

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Wednesday April 12, 2006 9:56 pm

What’s a Mind Camp?

Posted by Stuart Maxwell Categories: Upcoming,

17 days to go…

How do you describe Seattle Mind Camp to folks who haven’t been yet?

I usually tell folks the dry facts:  It’s a 24-hour geek confab.  Noon to noon, April 29 & 30.  Lots of cool people talking about lots of cool things.  It’s an un-conference… a conference without the conference - just extended hallway conversations.

I’m getting tired of saying the same thing over and over again, so I asked some other Mind Camp veterans what language they used to talk about Camp to the uninitiated:

Justin Martenstein coined the original description:  “What happens when you put Seattle’s smartest geeks in a room together for 24 hours? We don’t know, but we’re willing to find out.”

Bryan Zug calls it “a big geek slumber party.”

Donte P. captures it this way: “You’ve heard of ‘snakes on a plane?’  Well, Mind Camp is ‘nerds in a room.”’

Jesse Ferguson offered forth some possible Mind Camp taglines:

  • 250 brains are better than 1, Mindcamp 2.0
  • Mindcamp 2.0 the nuclear chain reaction of brain power!
  • Pry your pale geeky ass out of that basement and insert it into Mindcamp 2.0!
  • Love NOT contemplating ingenious paradigms and stratagems with 249 other people? Then don’t come to Mindcamp 2.0!

And Amal Graafstra uttered this gem:  “It’s an overnight party-time fun-house for smarty-pants types.”

Yeah, that about covers it.

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priyasi priyasi 1/3/17 5:27 am

this is really great mind camp..this is give us very good knowledge.thanks


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