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Thursday April 13, 2006 2:00 pm

My Mind Camp Experience

Posted by Stuart Maxwell Categories: Upcoming,

16 days to go…

I’ve been asking people to share their stories from Mind Camp.  Here’s what Bryan Zug had to say:

So now I’m working remotely from Seattle for Children’s Hospital at Stanford and I have to say that it’s indirectly attributable to Mind Camp 1.0.

How so?

While no one at Mind Camp hired me, the whole experience of hanging out with so many cool tech folks who are doing so many world changing things, well it just left me feeling that I could do stuff like that too. So much so that I began networking more and pursuing more provocative opportunities, and well, now I work remotely for Stanford.

How cool is that?

Another thing that left me feeling like I had my own personal Jaime Escalante whispering “you can do it” 24/7 in my ear was that, at Mind Camp 1.0, I took a chance and did a session that went great (and if I can do a session, you can do a session).

It was on “Neo vs. Samwise in a fight? (And what does that have to do with the Attention Economy)” and compared the sustainability of Tolkien’s characters vs that of other more recent character creators (like that of the Wachowski Brothers’ Neo).

I took a chance and did it, not knowing whether anyone would show up to the session, and, if they did, whether we’d be able to pull off facilitating an interesting conversation.

Well, a lot of people showed, and we had one of the most interesting discussions I’d had in a long time. The session got a lot of great feedback and I ended up being provoked by ideas I hadn’t thought about.

Man I wish every conference I went to was like that.

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So… how did you get this job you speak of?


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