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Thursday May 15, 2008 11:25 am

Mind Camp 5.0 is on - we need a venue!

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Upcoming, Announcements,

Alright gang, I know we’ve been waiting a while to secure sponsorship to move forward with Seattle Mind Camp 5.0. I am happy to announce that we have secured it! Now all we need is a venue. The last place we used, the Tukwila Community Center, doesn’t have a weekend open for us until sometime in November. Even if we went with that, there would be a few rooms that we wouldn’t have access to if we did a 24-hour event. So the question is, are you guys okay with an event that is less than 24 hours (say, around 14 hours instead?) if it means we get to hold the event in a fantastic venue? Or should we look elsewhere for a place that would allow us to return to the full 24-hour format?

If we should look at other venues, suggestions are always more than welcome. Hit us in the comments with your thoughts!



14 hours is fine by me - I’m more interested in the awake hours and taking with folks than a 3am werewolf game while punch-drunk from sleeplessness.


Not sure how much weight my comment will have - i went to the first one, and not another since… (although i really wanted to, and registered for 2 others)

But I really liked the 24H format.  Stuff happens at 11pm that can’t possibly happen at 2pm.  You’ve made connections that a realm instead of the superficial crap that happens at most events.  But this takes time…  My vote - 24 hours.

And on a totally unrelated idea - what if the event were a distance away?  like centralia college.  I might be able to help with that.  Thoughts?  Would people be willing to travel 75 miles for the event, or does it “have” to be staged in seattle?

Take care.  mjl

Ditto.  It might even be cool to have a Mindcamp on two consecutive days rather than a single chunk of time.

Either way is fine with me… I only attend the daytime portion anyway!!

I’d prefer 14h to 24h.

I’d much prefer the 1-day (14-hour) format. While the overnight thing is cool, it turns out to be harder to coordinate for me on a personal basis. Kids. Work. Life, the desire to sleep in one’s own bed, etc. And, I agree with your suggestion that a 14-hour format will open up many more venue opportunities. That’s my $0.05 ($0.02 for attending the first one and a penny for each additional one I’ve attended!).

The 24HR format is definitely cooler. At Mind Camp 3.0, a lot more people (than at 2.0) stayed up to play Werewolf 😊
The wee hours are part of the fun.

But any mind camp is still pretty cool \m/

+1 for the 24 hour format.
-1 for the 14 hour format.

Coolness doesn’t come from the venue.  Coolness emanates from within.

Coolness comes from the people not the venue.

Where is Gear Live based out of?


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