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Sergei FedorovRemember your youth? Collecting hockey cards and aspiring to one day be as slick with a hockey stick as Sergei Fedorov? I do.

The best part about this it is that kids even still can grow up idolizing the Russian icon. After 19 years in the NHL, Fedorov has expressed interest in coming back to add yet another season to his impressive portfolio.

Though 12 years have passed since Fedorov last topped the triple-digit mark in points, his presence on the ice is significant. On April 28, 2009 the 39-year-old potted a Game 7 overtime winner for the Capitals against their first round rival New York Rangers.

As an unrestricted free agent this summer Fedorov will no doubt see a pay cut, but has stated that he would like to be back with the same club following their second round loss to Pittsburgh last week.

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