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Windows Media Center Netflix login - Windows Media Center Netflix

Windows Media Center Netflix login

Here’s a look at the login screen for Netflix in Windows Media Center.

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Windows Media Center Netflix tile Windows Media Center Netflix movie browsing



  • whats the story on hundreds of people if not thousands who have a netflix acct. who might i add initiated the account on windows media center that are unable to log in on WMC but can only log in on a browser. You can get the programing on WMC up to the time you log out . Then you are unable to log back in again. You have to go over to a web browser .The last comment i made did not get posted. Curious.

    posted by: alfa1 · 6/19/10

  • Is Win medea center and netflix a joke?  because it does not allow you log in.  I think it was made for a fake and alaugh.  It doesn’t make anysense

    posted by: Danny · 8/20/10

  • I have been a customer since early 2006 and enjoyed and appreciated my membership. However, I have become very dissatisfied with Netflix services over the past month. A few weeks ago after returning 3 dvds, you indicated in my queue that 3 more movies were sent out. As it was approaching the holidays, I gave Netflix the benefit of the doubt and assumed the delay was the postal service. However, after 4 days had gone by, it was readily apparent that this was NOT the case. When I notified Netflix of this, you did send the 3 films. I know for a fact that they had never been sent, as I never received duplicates in the mail. Once again, I was expecting 3 dvd’s last week (by Jan. 6th), and waited until Jan. 8th. I notified Netflix of the 3 “missing”, and a note was sent assuring me they would be sent out on Monday, Jan. 10th. Tonight I received my mail and only received one of the videos. I am extremely disappointed and angry that I am paying for 3 unlimited dvd’s every month, but not receiving the product.


    posted by: Mahendra · 1/29/11

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