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Gallery: Twinkle for iPhone

Twinkle profile view

Twinkle profile view

Here is what a person’s Twitter profile looks like within Twinkle for the .

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Twinkle Near Me screen Twinkle settings screen



  • I can see the effort that has gone into designing Twinkle. definitely.

    posted by: BoogerJay · 6/2/08

  • You’re a killer?!?!?

    posted by: Crater · 6/3/08

  • thats cool almost like if you were on a computer. I think its nice that they try to add many features for people to make it easier

    posted by: littlebull · 6/3/08

  • Using the iPhone is basically like using a mini-computer.  After all, it does have a full html browser and one of the most robust software connections to the internet I have seen in a phone (the EDGE AT&T;network leaves something to be desired though).

    As far as the image, I like the gray/black contrast again, the iPhone in general has a very straightforward, intuitive interface in my opinion

    posted by: BuckeyeFanatic25 · 6/5/08

  • A twitter profile loads very quickly and looks great!  I personally think it’s quicker to view twitter profiles on the iPod Touch and reply to other twitterers.  The GUI of this application is pretty straight-forward and easy to use.

    posted by: SG · 6/6/08

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