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Wednesday August 30, 2006 1:45 am

Start Stocking Up Now for the Holidays

Posted by Janie Franz Categories: How To, Storage Tips,

PantryWhen you start stocking up for winter, you will automatically be thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Take advantage of store sales. Pick up extra flour or another frozen pie crust (if you don’t make your own) if your grocery store offers them at a good price. Start thinking of tucking in an extra can or box of this or that as you shop now.  Over the next few weeks, you should be able to have most of your staples ready in preparation for your holiday dinners or just in case unexpected guests drop in. 

Another way to tackle your holiday shopping is to make out your menus well ahead of time. Then draft your grocery lists. As you shop each week, pick up something on your holiday shopping list. That way you will be spreading the cost over the coming weeks and take advantage of sales. Your perishables will be the only things you will need to buy right before you entertain. 

If you buy some of your holiday staples ahead of time, you might also be able to make some of your family favorites and freeze them. For instance, you might want to make all of your holiday pies well ahead of Thanksgiving and have them neatly foil-wrapped in your freezer, ready either to bake fresh or to thaw and warm in the microwave.
When you start stocking up for the holidays, don’t forget paper products. You always seem to use a mountain of paper towels and napkins when you have guests. Remember aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and lots of disposable containers. Again, buy an extra when you can. 
Also, check out your herbs and spices. Make sure you have enough on hand for your favorite recipes. And, don’t forget salt, pepper, and other condiments like mustard and ketchup. We all get tired of leftover turkey, and sometimes a ham sandwich or a hot dog will do the trick.

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