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Thursday August 31, 2006 8:40 am

How It’s Sipped Around the World

Posted by Janie Franz Categories: Food Trivia, Coffee,

Coffee cupOnce forbidden to women, thinking it would make them sterile, coffee has become the world’s favorite drink. It is brewed in various strengths and served with additions according to local custom. In Italy, most people drink espresso with sugar. The English and a lot of Americans use milk (or a non-dairy creamer) with or without sugar (or a sugar substitute). In Germany and Switzerland, people enjoy coffee with equal parts of hot chocolate; and the Belgians just add chocolate.  In Mexico, it is drunk with cinnamon. The Ethiopians serve coffee with a pinch of salt tossed in, and the people of the Middle East drink their brew with cardamon and spices. Australians like coffee with whipped cream, and the Egyptian people take coffee strong and black, adding sugar only at weddings. 

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