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Wednesday August 30, 2006 2:45 am

Coffee Types: Latin American Coffees

Posted by Janie Franz Categories: Food Trivia, History, Coffee,

Columbian coffee farmThere is good coffee coming from every part of the world, though some types have a bit more prestige than others. Latin American coffees are considered the best by many connoisseurs.

Columbian coffee is the coffee most Americans know about. But there are many different kinds of Columbian coffee which vary depending on where they are grown in that country. In general, however, Columbian coffees are full-bodied, with medium acidity, and modestly rich. Today, many of the ancient arabica coffee strains are being replaced with faster-growing, heavier-bearing plants. These new beans are inferior to those from older plants, but may soon flood the Columbian market. 
Brazilian Bourbon Santos is smooth, medium bodied, and has moderate acidity. Though good, it is still a plain cup and has only been a gourmet curiosity. 
Venezuelan coffee is remarkably low in acid. The finest, Meridas, has good body with light richness. It is good served straight without milk or flavors and is good in blends.
Chanchamayo from Peru produces a mild, light brew with a lot of flavor and aroma. It is often blended with darker roasts or as a base for flavored coffees.

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