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Glee inspired clothing at Macy's

I know many of you have wanted to sing like the actors on , but have you wanted to dress like them too?

If so, you’re in luck. Clothes inspired by the hit FOX series hit the stories over the weekend.

The line - featuring items in the $19.99-$34.99 price range - includes t-shirts, hoodies and tops. A Cheerio-esque shirt (as seen above) can also be purchased.

Feeling the school spirit? Then check out your local —the exclusive retailer for the line.

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Mark Ronson fears the t-shirtMark Ronson has started going to the gym because he hates his arms. The music producer, who is widely considered a trendsetter, has never been happy with his arms and his body hang-ups have prevented him wearing certain items of clothing.

“Even at 24, I wouldn’t wear T-shirts because I hated the way my arms looked. I worked out on and off until I was about 30, then I got bored, or lazy. Now I’m 33 I feel it’s time to start doing something a little bit more healthy.”

Mark enjoys sporting smart outfits when he is working on new material in the recording studio and uses fashion to show he is serious about his work: “I dress up to come to the studio. Looking at old pictures of the Blue Note session guys or Phil Spector, going to work to do a job. The Abbey Road guys even wore lab coats. I haven’t tried that look out yet.”

Mark has also spoken about the line of sneakers he has created for Gucci. The music star insists his collection with the Italian fashion house is nothing like Kanye West‘s footwear collaboration with Louis Vuitton: “My shoes are from the 30s and his are from the future.”

Dereon saleOkay men, in particular husbands-you know your wife’s style (or you better), so if your special lady, the mother of your children has style matching none other than Miss Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce, then this is a great sale for her at Dereon. Pick out a few things you know she would love because this sale ends very soon:

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Twilight T-ShirtThere is a craze going on right now for all things . It seems that the Harry Potter fans have grown up and moved onto a more romantic story of forbidden love between a vampire and a mortal. Personally, I don’t see anything romantic about an immortal being who sucks the blood from their victims, but to each his own. So to curb the desire to get your hands on any and all merchandise brandished by the faces of Edward and Bella, or Jacob, Hot Topic has a line of official Twilight clothing and merchandise from tee shirts to body shimmer. Go crazy Twilighters!

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