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Thursday October 31, 2013 4:59 pm

Quote of the Day: Model Robyn Lawley on Thigh Gaps

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Robin Lawley

"The truth is I couldn’t care less about needing a supposed 'thigh gap.' It’s just another tool of manipulation that other people are trying to use to keep me from loving my body. Why would I want to starve and weaken my natural body size? I’m not saying women who have it naturally are unattractive. But I would have to change my entire frame just to achieve something that seems so trivial. I’ve been trying to do just the opposite: I want my thighs to be bigger and stronger. I want to run faster and swim longer. I suppose we all just want different things, but women have enough pressure as it is without the added burden of achieving a 'thigh gap.' The last thing I would want for my future daughter would be to starve herself because she thought a 'thigh gap' was necessary to be deemed attractive."

- Model Robin Lawley responds to the outcry over her lack of thigh gap in a photo of herself (seen above) she posted on Facebook.

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Read More | Daily Beast via Jezebel

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