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Tuesday May 5, 2009 6:05 pm

Mother’s Day Gifts: Ann Klein Watch at Zappos

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It is rare these days to see anyone wearing a watch unless they are the business suit type-men and women alike. We all carry cell phones so once our old watches died, we just never replaced them. If your mother is anything like me, I used to love wearing a watch, felt naked without one, but just never got around to replacing mine. It is important for busy moms to stay on schedule with all of the activities our children are involved in so why don’t we wear watches anymore?

Now, check out this Anne Klein watch that we found on Zappos. Casual, yet stylish; and at $69 and free shipping, I think it is a very affordable gift that keeps on giving. This watch has a genuine leather band that comes in pink and orange with a silver face. I love both colors, pink for the softer feminine side of me and orange for when I am feeling bold and need a color that snaps. Your mom (or, you) is sure to love either with its classic designer label that says you paid less than she thinks.

Be sure to get out the other selections in our !

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