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Saturday November 16, 2013 6:14 pm

Items Du Jour: Cara Would Shave Her Brows, Buy a Beckham Crown

Jennifer Lawrence at the Paris premiere of 'Catching Fire'+ Known for her famous, full eyebrows, Cara Delevingne probably shocked some of her brow worshipers fans when she admitted that she's willing to do anything for a film role - including shaving her head and eyebrows!

+ Ever dream of being Victoria Beckham? Well you can at least get married like her, as her gold wedding crown is up for auction for around $32,000.

+ Jennifer Lawrence looked fabulously gothic chic in a Christian Dior gown at the Paris premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Unfortunately it looks as though her co-star Elizabeth Banks should've borrowed Lawrence's stylist for the event...

+ Miranda Kerr apparently doesn't know what her own body looks like, as she denies knowing an image of herself she posted was heavily-Photoshopped, claiming that she had no idea that the photo was altered.

+ Claire Danes colored her hair a smouldering, light red color.

+ With the amount of pressure from fans to have him halt his partnership with Barney's, Jay-Z finally broke his peace and addressed fans' concerns about his collaboration with a retailer recently known for racial profiling. In a statement, Jay-Z announced that Barney's will proceed 100 percent of his collection's sales and 10 percent from their whole store from their November 20th sales to his Shawn Carter Foundation. He also claims to be on some sort of council where he'll have legislative power within the company to tackle the racial issue "head on." Riiiiiight.

+ Thor: The Dark World actress Jaimie Alexander turned heads in a revealing gown she wore to the film's red carpet premiere, prompting speculation that she was going commando that night. In a recent appearance on Jay Leno's talk show, Alexander insisted that she was indeed wearing "something" under the dress.

Gallery: Items Du Jour: Cara Would Shave Her Brows, Buy a Beckham Crown



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