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Sunday May 3, 2009 5:45 pm

Mother’s Day Gifts: Clairsonic Skin Care from Bliss

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I received my first facial a few weeks ago and then a full body massage right after, courtesy of a friend of mine, and I have to tell you, that facial was surprisingly more relaxing than a hot stone massage. While speaking to the person who was giving me my facial, she asked about my skin care regimen. I was almost embarrassed to say I have no regimen, it’s just a quick wipe with some make-up remover cloths at bedtime and voila, off to bed. I’m too tired to do anymore than that, I know you are with me ladies. So when she mentioned a tool that you could use in the shower to cleanse and stimulate pores at a considerably lower price than the high tech thingy she was using, my ears perked a little.

I don’t like feeling pressured into purchasing unnecessary items that I am never going to use, but she was not trying to sell a product that the spa sold, she was giving me genuine advice and dang-it that little brush felt really good on my face as it washed all the dead skin and dirt away. She told me that this Clairsonic brush system was not cheap but in the long run it pays for itself. In looking for this item online, I found one at Bliss for $195, maybe $10 or $15 more than some other sites I saw but this particular one is a limited edition pink version with part of the proceeds going to the fight against breast cancer. Now how is that for a two-in-one gift? A great gift for the busy mom since she can use this in the shower, plus the bonus of knowing she is helping a great cause by the purchase of it.

If you are looking for something a little different, how about this? If you buy a body butter, a scrub, and a shower gel, you’ll save $15. Check out the Bliss coupon, and be sure to use code SAVE15.

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