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Thursday August 3, 2006 5:53 pm

The Premiere Post of Dropping Dimes

John Stockton, our paragonFantasy basketball… the Rodney Dangerfield of the three major fantasy sports.  For all of us hoop heads, it’s a sad state of affairs that basketball and its popularity has waned in the past several years due to various events - His Airness, Michael Jordan retiring, the U.S. Basketball team putting up poor performances in international play, Ron Artest vs. the Palace, and other things - and the NBA has almost gone the way of hockey.  Just not so popular anymore. 

But, with a great postseason from all its teams (except the Memphis Grizzlies) put behind us, Dwyane Wade with his NBA Finals show inching up to being as popular as LeBron James, who is perhaps the key to bringing back the popularity the NBA had while Jordan was playing, some great young players suck as Chris Paul, Adam “The Stache” Morrison around the league, and the chance for redemption starting with this summer’s World Championships, and the NBA can be right back on the map of the masses’ consciousness.  And us fantasy basketballers will be right there to ride the wave.

Hence this blog.

The Dropping Dimes team consists of fantasy ballers with years of experience playing and winning.  A couple of us have been published on SI.com, as well as other places, but the core squad of Ron Chow, Alvin Lai, Scott Sargent, and Dennis Velasco wanted to take a little more control of dispensing the knowledge we collectively own and drop dimes the way we think is best in helping you, the reader, get busy and win some fantasy basketball championships!

Oh, and why put up a pic of John Stockton?  Because he was the best at dropping dimes and we want to be the Stockton of fantasy basketball information out there on the internet - getting the job done without being flashy and being the best at what we do.

So, we hope you like what you will be seeing from us in our inaugural season, which we hope will be the first of many for not just us as a team, but between you and the Dropping Dimes blog.


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