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Friday July 25, 2008 8:30 am

Monta Ellis is Staying Put

Monta Ellis, Rich ManFeel free to put Monta Ellis firmly in your early rounds for any cheatsheets you may be putting together.  If there was any doubt that Ellis could be playing elsewhere, the Golden State Warriors put the kibosh on it in the ways of a six-year, $66 million deal.

Ellis wanted to stay in the Bay Area, and he got his wish.  Oh, and he’ll be making a bit more money in the meantime.  The addition of Marcus Williams may worry a few people in terms of a time share, but after shelling out $11 million a year, you better believe that Ellis will get his burn.  He’s 22-years old, and could easily find himself in the late first round in keeper formats.  Redrafts can feel comfortable taking him any time after Steve Nash is off of the board - which is looking like the mid-to-late second round at this point. 

Warriors Give Ellis six-year contract [SJ Mercury News]



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