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Saturday August 23, 2008 11:58 am

Luis Scola Can Flat Out Ball

Luis Scola Luis Scola was quite a hot commodity in the later rounds of last year’s fantasy hoops drafts.  After a roller coaster season that saw several 20-point nights followed up by single-digit disasters, Scola showed the world once and for all that Rick Adelman simply needs to run a few plays through his power forward (with center-eligibility, mind you).

In the Olympic game versus the United States, Scola lit up the scorers table with 28 points, 11 rebounds, two steals and two blocks.  And while the Olympics makes players like Carlos Delfino look like All-Stars, remember that this was against an American team that featured Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh down low. 

Sure, the addition of Ron Artest will not help matters much, but if the Rockets plan on flourishing in the crowded West, the road to success may be through a guy who averaged under 25 minutes per game last season. 



I agree about the Tru Warier Ron Artest taking away some minutes, but Scola should receive a healthy amount of minutes on the floor.  He’s too talented to let him sit on the bench. 

Besides, when Ron Ron gets suspended by either the league or the Rockets, Scola will be fantasy gold!

Pessimist?  Me?


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