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Wednesday November 12, 2008 8:38 am

Knicks Gallinari Done For Season?

Danilo Gallinari While I’m thinking that there were not many of you banking on a successful season from rookie Danilo Gallinari, I couldn’t help but point out another great draft by the New York Knicks.

Bothered by a bulging disc in his back, Gallinari has had an MRI and things are not looking good.

“His back just flared up again,” Coach Mike D’Antoni said. “He was making progress, and then one morning he said he couldn’t put his pants on.”

Test results were not immediately available. Team officials are hopeful that Gallinari can avoid surgery, but they cannot rule it out.

Now given that Gallinari would be wearing warm-ups for most of the game, the ability to put pants on is pretty vital.  Wilson Chandler, Quentin Richardson and David Lee benefit the most from this news.  I’d like to include Jared Jeffries here, but he’s Jared Jeffries. 

And here is where I remind Knicks fans that Eric Gordon, D.J. Augustin, and Jerryd Bayless were all available with the sixth overall selection. 




Sorry Al… ever since the beginning I’ve been screaming for the Knicks to take Jerryd Bayless because the guy is perfect for D’Antoni’s system.  Bayless was arguably the most athletic player in the draft and a complete offensive player - getting to the basket and hitting from the perimeter.  As far as never being a true point guard, you might have a point there, but look at those that still succeeded - Allen Iverson, Gilbert Arenas, Monta Ellis, and Stephon Marbury - all shoot first guards, but still averaged a decent amount of assists regardless.  And, Bayless DID average four dimes a game his last year at Arizona, which is not bad at all on the college level. 

In a rebuilding year, I think you just have to take the best talent available and while I give props to Gallinari for doing so well in a tough Italian league, I just don’t see him being “tough” enough to make it here in the NBA, despite all of his determination.  He just doesn’t have the build, athleticism, or anything that will make him stand out, such as Dirk was a tall perimeter threat, Drazen Petrovic can hit from anywhere, Arvydas Sabonis had ridiculous vision and instincts.  And, soon enough, Ricky Rubio will be a phenom here because of his ability to pass and play defense.  All of the aforementioned Euros might not have been ready athletically or physically, but they had that “something” about them.

Gallinari had nothing.  I hated this pick almost as much as I hated Frederic Weis when Ron Artest was still available.  Just a dumb move, but I guess the Knicks have time to waste and let Gallinari “develop” before 2010 hits us. 

And damn you Sarge for rubbing it in!  I can’t wait for the Knicks to take LeBron away from you… we’ll see who’s laughing then.


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