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Tuesday December 2, 2008 11:39 am

Exchange Center: Week 6

Monta Ellis
There’s a Monta Ellis sighting in the free agent pick-ups this week. Ron Chow grabbed him for our main league, which is a 12-team daily transaction head-to-head league. Meanwhile Ron and I continue to lead the way in the experts league. This week we take on Dennis Velasco, though I say “take on” to be polite. His roster still includes Stephon Marbury, for goodness sake.

After the jump, check out the latest add/drops in leagues of various sizes.

10-team league

Add/Drop #1: C.J. Watson for George Hill
Add/Drop #2: Tim Thomas for JaVale McGee
Add/Drop #3: Craig Smith for Mickael Pietrus
Add/Drop #4: Joel Przybilla for Darrell Arthur
Add/Drop #5: George Hill for Anthony Morrow

I might have to find another 10-team league to collect data from. This league runs too deep. On the plus side, it is very active, as illustrated by the Morrow-Hill-Watson recycling job this past week.

12-team league

Add/Drop #6: Kevin Love for Boris Diaw
Add/Drop #7: Monta Ellis for Linas Kleiza
Add/Drop #8: Tim Thomas for Mickael Pietrus
Add/Drop #9: Anthony Parker for Luke Ridnour
Add/Drop #10: Chris Wilcox for Kelenna Azubuike

Ellis will finish his suspension around mid-to-late December, so he’s worth a flier in all weekly leagues if you can spare a bench spot. His injury strikes me as the kind that might take a while to get back from…i.e. this is all speculation but I would not be surprised if his return was delayed while he works back into shape and it is the new year before he gains major playing time.

14-team league

Add/Drop #11: Roger Mason for Daequan Cook
Add/Drop #12: Ryan Gomes for Nick Collison
Add/Drop #13: C.J. Miles for Chris Quinn
Add/Drop #14: Kevin Love for JaVale McGee
Add/Drop #15: Steve Blake for Roger Mason

Nothing too exciting went on in our experts league. Ron and I received a trade offer that centered on Jameer Nelson, but we felt it would be better to be patient with Nelson and his injury. Besides, we had Russell Westbrook on the bench and he should serve as an adequate replacement.



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