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Sunday November 16, 2008 8:51 am

Exchange Center: Week 4

Anthony Morrow
What a debut! 37 points in 40 minutes of play. A question burns…why was this guy initially behind Marcus Williams, DeMarcus Nelson and C.J. Watson? If you play in an active league, Anthony Morrow has already been grabbed by one of your rival owners. Anyone who can drop more than 30+ in their first game deserves a chance.

Relatively unknown, the DeLorean had to be fired up to go back into time where a picture of Morrow during his George Tech days was found. Surely, more photos of him in his professional digs will be available soon.

Here are the add/drops in leagues I play in or have access to.

10-team league

Add/Drop #1: Anthony Morrow added for Darrell Arthur
Add/Drop #2: Michael Finley for C.J. Watson
Add/Drop #3: Jeff Foster for Jason Maxiell
Add/Drop #4: JaVale McGee for Al Harrington
Add/Drop #5: Aaron Brooks for Josh Boone

I would suggest preaching some patience on Harrington if you play in a deeper league that employs weekly roster changes. He could still end up in a favorable situation that gives him the chance to provide three-pointers from a center spot. Michael Finley has been coming off the bench with George Hill and Roger Mason starting in the Spurs’ battered back-court. JaVale McGee currently reigns as the hottest sleeper name right now. Aaron Brooks gets a chance to strut his stuff even more with Rafer Alston suspended.

12-team league

Add/Drop #6: Anthony Morrow for Delonte West
Add/Drop #7: Ronald Murray for Louis Williams
Add/Drop #8: Tyrus Thomas for Charlie Villanueva
Add/Drop #9: Al Harrington for Brandan Wright
Add/Drop #10: Aaron Brooks for Brevin Knight

Ron Chow dropped Charlie V in our friends and family hardcore league. Tyrus Thomas has been the yo-yo i.e. up and down, player of the year thus far. The league we play in employs daily transactions, so it can prove tough to wait out injuries to your supporting cast. He certainly cannot be blamed for cutting the cord on Charlie V. Ron also pulled the trigger on Morrow. Could it be “to Morrow” in Golden State as the “Wright” time has already come and gone?

14-team league

Add/Drop #11: Anthony Morrow for Josh Boone
Add/Drop #12: Erick Dampier for Darrell Arthur
Add/Drop #13: JaVale McGee for Kyle Lowry
Add/Drop #14: Ryan Gomes for Vlad Radmanovic
Add/Drop #15: Larry Hughes for Brandan Wright

Ron picked up Morrow for our experts league team, which continues to do well. We both liked the Boone pick-up at the time, but he got hurt, and Brook Lopez had one outstanding game and one invisible game during his absence. Dampier has racked up some nice stats lately, but will be dropped when his mini run is over. Larry Hughes played last night and did okay.



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