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Monday November 10, 2008 8:17 am

Exchange Center: Week 3

mbah a moute
I apologize, Luc Richard. I could not find a decent photo of you in your NBA uniform. But you, Mr. Mbah a Moute, have been kicking enough boute lately to be one of the hottest pick-ups in leagues. Props for that.

Here are recent add/drop transactions in two leagues I participate in (the 12- and 14-team leagues), and one my friends play in (a 10-team league). Hopefully by looking at different sized leagues, there are some moves you can look at regardless of what size league you play in.

10-team league

Add/Drop #1: Hakim Warrick for Kirk Hinrich
Add/Drop #2: C.J. Watson for Corey Brewer
Add/Drop #3: Nick Young for Ricky Davis
Add/Drop #4: Sebastian Telfair for Tim Thomas
Add/Drop #5: Carl Landry for Jamario Moon

Drop Hinrich in all leagues. He had a crowded back-court to work through when he was healthy, and now being sidelined for a few months destroys any notion of waiting it out to see what happens. Watson currently starts for Don Nelson and the Golden State Warriors…it’s a bit amazing that Brewer was even on a roster in a 10-team league. This league goes 18 deep in their rosters, though. Nick Young was also a hot pick this past week, and rightly so. Telfair is a speculative pick and had one good game and one forgettable game as a starter. Still, the Minnesota point guard spot deserves monitoring. Dropping Super Jamario for Landry seems like a case of an itchy trigger finger. Moon has to deal with Coach Mitchell’s sometimes inexplicable rotation, and his scoring will remain inconsistent, but he can fill up the scoresheet everywhere else.

12-team league

Add/Drop #6: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute for Anthony Carter
Add/Drop #7: Anderson Varejao for Paul Millsap
Add/Drop #8: Nick Young for Jason Thompson
Add/Drop #9: Brevin Knight for Daniel Gibson
Add/Drop #10: Marquis Daniels for Tim Thomas

If Marquis Daniels remains on your free agent/waiver wire list, go pick him up now. Mike Dunleavy remains injured and there is disturbingly little news about him slowly making his way back into the lineup. Anthony Carter was a good add for about two days before the Chauncey Billups trade went down. Brevin Knight was a Sunday add in a daily transaction league in an attempt to win assists. The team ended up losing the week pretty badly.

14-team league

Add/Drop #11: Chris Quinn for Anthony Carter
Add/Drop #12: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute for Cuttino Mobley
Add/Drop #13: Sebastian Telfair for DeShawn Stevenson
Add/Drop #14: Roger Mason for Daniel Gibson
Add/Drop #15: Brandan Wright for Quentin Richardson

Chris Quinn had a couple of nice games, and another team jettisons Carter as a result. Roger Mason and Brandan Wright, as well as the aforementioned Telfair, have emerged from the bench and should garner more playing time…bad news for Tony Parker, Al Harrington and Randy Foye owners.

All the transactions from the 14-team league were from our experts’ league. Ron Chow and I lead the pack after two weeks, with Dennis Velasco next in second place. Here is our current roster.

PG: Chris Paul
SG: Joe Johnson
G: Mo Williams
SF: Rudy Gay
PF: Thaddeus Young
F: Troy Murphy
C: Emeka Okafor
C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Util: Jameer Nelson
Util: Wilson Chandler
Bench: Josh Boone
Bench: James Posey
Bench: Russell Westbrook

Good luck to all in Week 3!



Nice one, scooped me on Quinn. As a Chalmers owner, I wanted him, but I can’t bring myself to drop Tyrus Thomas yet. I’m beginning to hate him.

Good job so far guys. I’m down in fifth, but happy to be above .500. Just need to figure out my PG2/PG3 situation, and hope that Chalmers’ 9-steal game was enough to keep him in the starting spot.

What do y’all think of dropping Jason Thompson? They can’t play Moore above him for much longer, can they? He’s also burning up room on my bench right now.

Depending on how active and how deep your league is, a little patience on Jason Thompson should be in order. Eno knows his stuff.

I could see the Kings trading Brad Miller to a contender at some point, and thus giving both Thompson and Spencer Hawes a chance to develop. Or, like Eno says, Mikki Moore will get demoted to the bench.

Thompson seems like the type of player that will get added and dropped a couple of times during the season, kinda like Luis Scola last year. All about timing.


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