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Wednesday July 9, 2008 11:52 am

Baron Davis/Elton Brand, Mickael Pietrus Out, Corey Maggette In

Corey MaggetteI don’t know who I even thought I was kidding yesterday when I mentioned Corey Maggette taking less money to play with a contender.  Who did I think he was?  Gilbert Arenas? 

But with the dust settling, it looks like Maggette will suit up this season in Oakland where he will be running along side Monta Ellis, Captain Jack and the rest of the Warriors.  Baron Davis and Mickael Pietrus will be elsewhere, freeing up plenty of touches for the former Blue Devil.  We’ve already laid out his weaknesses, but with the swingman playing on a team that could not care less about stopping another team from scoring, he will fit right in. 

Expect plenty of points with the ever-solid percentages.  Mid-round selection, here we come…



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