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Saturday August 26, 2006 12:51 pm

Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 2, Pick 3

Round 2, Pick 3: Steve Nash, PG, Phoenix Suns Description

While I’m not usually one to stockpile a certain category in fantasy basketball, I have no shame in locking one up within my first two selections.  How am I going to do that, you ask?  Well, kind reader, by adding 10.5 assists per game to my fantasy roster, which also includes a guy who could one day, be dropping double-digits on his own.  And while it disgruntles me as a fan to say it, the reigning two-time MVP will be a very nice fit on this fantasy roster.

With a guy that even Nelly Furtado finds time to rhyme about, there are only a few certain things in life.  Death, taxes, and Steve Nash assists.  Is there downside?  Sure there is.  However, it’s the promise, and the new hairstyle, that will have a welcomed home on this fantasy squad.

The Good:

What can I say that the stat lines don’t?  While hovering around 8 dimes a game with his former teammates in Dallas, Steve Nash took it to an all-new “F-U Mark Cuban” level when he went to Phoenix, dishing out 11.5 dimes a game in 2004, and 10.5 a game in 2005.  Couple these figures with the fact that the main scoring weapon from 2004, Mr. Amare Stoudemire, was MIA for the season with knee troubles, and you have yourself one heck of a point guard.  And don’t worry about this point guard launching up 35 shots a contest, and dragging down your field goal percentage like this guy.  Mr. Nash was sixteenth in the league in field goal percentage.  Sixteenth!  For a 6-foot tall white guy in a run-and-gun style offense, this stat line is amazing in itself.  And don’t worry…it’s not a case of Tony Parker syndrome.  This cat is not afraid to shoot from beyond the land o’ plenty, not only leading the league in three-point percentage, but also being top-20 in three-bombs made.  Oh, and I didn’t even get a chance to mention the fact that Nash’s career free-throw percentage is at 90%, including a massive (and league-leading…man, this guys leads the league in a lot, eh?) 92.1% from the line last season.  For good measure, we can add in that Steve Nash was twelfth in efficiency ranking last season.  And have I mentioned that the already discussed powerhouse, Stoudemire, is back this season?  Talk about an assist show.  You may as well start getting your umbrella out now, because it’s gonna be raining dimes…

The Bad:

In what will now be his third season in Phoenix, Mr. Nash isn’t exactly getting any younger.  With age comes a little slowing, and with a little slowing may come a little carelessness.  Since 2002, Nash’s turnover figures have increased from 2.34 a game, to his last season mark of 3.49.  This, my friends, is not good.  However, take in to consideration that nearly every offensive set starts with Steve Nash, more times than not, it will be beneficial for both the Suns and fantasy owners alike.  His defense can be a bit shaky at times, as his steal totals could be a bit higher for a guy that’s on the floor as much as he is.  Also, with the return of Stoudemire, owners should expect scoring figures do drop a bit, with my estimates being around 15 points a game, accounting for less shots as well as the emergence of Boris Diaw and Raja Bell in the Phoenix Suns offense.

The Ugly:

Let’s just face it.  Steve isn’t exactly the first thing you want to see when you wake up in the morning.  But did I tell you about his assist numbers?

The Verdict:

With a team that already is comprised of Chris Paul, opposing teams may just want to focus on the other remaining categories, as it could be very difficult to trump this squad in categories like assists and free-throw percentage.  Not bad having two categories as much as locked with the first two picks.  Similar to Dennis pairing Andre Kirilenko with Yao Ming, these squads are starting to carve out their own little niche.  I’m just glad that my carvers are going to be doing their thang a little more often, with Paul clocking in 78 games last season (after an injury that should’ve kept him off the floor for quite some time), and Nash playing in no less than 75 games since 2001.  High risk/High reward isn’t exactly a way that I like to make my first two selections – so if you’re like me, go with the sure bets.  Paul and Nash for ’06!!  (Hi, I’m Chris Paul, and I’m Steve Nash, and we approve this message.  Queue Presidential music – fade to black).

Other Team Members:

1.10 Chris Paul, PG, New Orleans Hornets

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