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Friday September 15, 2006 2:18 pm

Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 3, Pick 4

Rashard Lewis Stud?  Check!
Center? Check!

With two picks in the bag, I felt that this selection either needed to address notable weaknesses or simply pick the best player available, and hope for the best on the way back.  Though Kevin Garnett is one of the better passing big-men in the league, the assist category is obviously my weakness at this point.  However, with a couple point guards going off of the board with the most recent picks, I decided to steer away from the run, and go with whom I felt was the best guy out there:

Round 3, Pick 4: Rashard Lewis, SF, Seattle Supersonics

With a few other possible selections on my mind (who will remain nameless), I decided to opt for the well-rounded Lewis who will supply this squad with ample three-point field goals (or “bombs,” if you will), to go along with his solid scoring, rebounds, steals and percentages. 

One would think that with a gunner like Ray Allen on his squad, that there would be plenty of assist opportunities on kick-out passes, but unfortunately for Lewis owners, he only averaged 2.3 a game last season… and that was his career high. 

On the bright side, for a guy that was top-20 in the NBA last year in three-point field goals (with 142), his percentages on the floor are solid as he cashes in at about a 47% rate.  Also, like his fantasy counterpart Kevin Garnett, Lewis is no slouch from the line for a guy that’s hovering around 7 feet tall, as the charity stripe prododuced a favorable outcome 82% of his attempts last season.  I’m sure that some owners would hope for more rebounds from a small forward of Lewis’ size, however teamed with Garnett and Rasheed Wallace, I’m perfectly happy with the five boards a game that Rashard puts up.

I know that if there is an analysis after this round, that this trio makes a rotisserie hit, but as D always says, it’s what you do in the middle rounds.  Going into the fourth round, I will look to address my back court if the chips fall in the right place.  However, if some things go awry, I will always be able to adapt.

Other Team Members:

1.4 Kevin Garnett, SF/PF, Minnesota Timberwolves
2.9 Rasheed Wallace, PF/C, Detroit Pistons



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