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Friday August 18, 2006 10:32 am

Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 1, Pick 4

Description First off, Dennis, Please tell me that you weren’t considering Dirk in the “sexy” category with LeBron James in your Marion piece.  I mean, unless you dig that kind of thing…then by all means!  Un-pimp Ze Auto!

“Betcha Biggie won’t slip…” – Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious B.I.G. (Warning)

Now, every once in a while, fantasy owners have prayed to the “Fantasy Gods” for good health, good games, and good luck.  While this is only a mock draft, the Gods shined down on the team with the fourth pick, as Kevin Garnett, or “The Big Ticket” to some, lands in the figurative lap – making this pick to be about as much of a no-brainer as ever.

Round 1, Pick 4: Kevin Garnett

In fantasy sports, I can’t help comparing players to what I would consider to be similar players in other sports.  You have your Pujols/Alexander/Lebron with the it pick, you have David Wright/Tiki Barber/Shawn Marion as your hard-nosed-yet-underappreciated pick.  Well, my fantasy friends, I consider Garnett to be the LaDanian Tomlinson of this year’s fantasy basketball season.  Most football fans know that there really isn’t a “clear cut” #1 pick, especially if the scoring formats are different, but one way or another LT is Top-3 - and if KG falls to you at #4, don’t even think twice.

“But Scott, he’s getting older, he’s unhappy in Minnesota, and his stats have declined year-over-year since 2003.”  These facts, I know.  What I also know is that this guy not only led the league in rebounding last season, but was also tops in the NBA in Efficiency Ranking.  16th in the league in free-throw attempts, and an astounding 81% from the line is about as good as you can get from a power forward.  Oh, and don’t forget his position eligibility.  For those that like to play the big-ball/small-ball on their squads, can you ask for anything better that your small forward leading the league in boards, or your power forward hitting 81% of his charity stripe attempts? 

I’m also a firm believer that the Marko Jaric signing slowed Garnett down last year.  I mean, Garnett averaged more assists per game (4.1) than his point guard (3.9)!  It got to the point in the Timberwolves season where fantasy owners didn’t know what point guard would be getting the bulk of the minutes.  Now, while I would argue that KG responded quite well, putting up 19 games of at least 20 points and 15 rebounds. 

This off season, Minnesota spent some more money on a free agent point guard – this time, Mike James.  While it was a contract season, James still managed to log in about 6 dimes a game…In TORONTO!  Now, no doubting that the Raptors have some talent out there, but none of them are Kevin Garnett. James also provides a scoring threat, notably from long range, which should divert attention from The Ticket, leading to an even better offensive output this season.

Of course, in keeper or dynasty formats, one might want to alter their decision-making with this selection.  However, in a standard league, KG is more than welcomed to be a part of my roster.

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Garnett = Tomlinson…nice to know we can agree on that, Sarge! That’s synergy for you.


hahahah! Snap, nice to know someone’s looking out for me.  FYI, I’ll be up to bat at #7. Just the luck of the draw there!

Naw, man, it’s totally cool.  You might have to start reading my kick-arse material, but no worries, bro!


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